Gold & Silver

Lubbock Rare Coin is one of the largest buyers and sellers of precious metals in West Texas, with thousands of ounces in sales annually. We deal in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Many people would rather deal with a local company than send their money to an online company that promises low rates. By the time you add shipping, handling, credit card surcharges, insurance, and other charges to their price, you would have saved money buying from us. ALSO, WE OFFER A LEVEL OF DISCREETNESS NOT POSSIBLE WITH ONLINE BUYING.

We discourage buying precious medals from any source which does not make physical delivery. This also includes ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). YOU MUST TAKE DELIVERY OF YOUR PRECIOUS METAL FOR IT TO FULLY ACCOMPLISH THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT SHOULD BE HELD. Having an online company or ETF “owing” you precious medals is just not the same thing. Any number of things could happen to the company holding these assets, and you can be sure they are closely monitored by the government.

We offer all precious medals in a variety of forms, from hallmarked bars to government minted legal tender coins. We are happy to visit with you about your options. Many of our customers were new to the process of adding “hard assets” to their financial portfolios. Now they realize what was once considered somewhat extreme is now commonplace and widely recommended by even the most conservative financial experts. YOU SHOULD BUY AND HOLD GOLD AND/OR OTHER PRECIOUS MEDALS. We will take the time to answer all your questions and address every concern you have. The world is not a safe place financially. The dollar is not strong, and many predict it will not survive. The government is unwilling to return to fiscal responsibility. This refers to not only our government, but governments all over the world.